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May 2015 Welcome to Warmth
April 2015 Springing to Life
March 2015 The Warmth of Loving-Kindness
February 2015 Rejuvenate Body and Mind
January 2015 January Events
December 2014 The Finish Line Approaches
November 2014 Help Us Help Others
October 2014 Welcoming Positive Change
September 2014 Looking to Fall
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July 2014 Support a Joyful Community
June 2014 The Four Great Wishes
May 2014 The Forgiveness Challenge
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February 2014 Loving-Kind Mahayana Immeasurable Healing
January 2014 Inviting Positive Change
December 2013 De-stressing the Holidays
November 2013 Gratitude
October 2013 Healing and the Path
September 2013 Abundance
August 2013 Sharing the Practice
July 2013 Looking Ahead
June 2013 Ample Opportunity
April 2013 Blossoming Kindness
March 2013 Fundamentals of Buddhism
February 2013 Meaningful Connections
January 2013 Prayers for World Peace
December 2012 Gratitude and Joy
November 2012 Reflection and Prayer
October 2012 The Unfolding of Loving-Kindness
September 2012 Revitalizing
August 2012 Sharing the Practice
July 2012 On Retreat & Fall Events
June 2012 Teachings, End-of-Life Training & more
May 2012 Upcoming events & next Yogic Healing
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