Who We Are


Joyful Path

Our mission is to facilitate individual and community transformation through meditation instruction, complementary healing and Dharma service work.

Much of the work we do at Joyful Path is aimed at healing the mind and the body. We feel many healing techniques are missing a piece of the mind-body equation. What sets us apart from other healing communities is our additional focus on the spiritual. Modern medical science often speaks of health in a mind-body continuum. Recently, spiritual care is also being acknowledged. For example, studies show that people who receive spiritual care in the hospital heal more quickly.

We invite you to view health in the context of a mind-body-spirit matrix that our physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual practices strongly affect. Joyful Path offers a path of healing, change, and transformation for individuals. We view this as the basis for creating stable, healthy, and meaningful relationships in communities. When we ask our students, clients, and community members to tell us about the experience they get from coming to Joyful Path, they speak of transformation. They tell us how they’ve changed and how it’s changed their interactions with family and touched the wider community.

Joyful Path began in 2008 when a group of ordained Buddhists came together to create a place for healing and transformation. The path of change is rich and multi-faceted, but it’s not necessary to understand it all at once. Let us help you choose the next step in your healing journey.

Our programs and services include:

  • Guided group meditations and instruction
  • Non-violent communication practice groups
  • Book clubs on developing compassion
  • Talks on applying Buddhist wisdom to daily life
  • Stress-reduction workshops
  • Personal guidance and spiritual direction
  • Individual healing sessions