Study Buddhism

Buddhism is seen as a philosophy or a religion by most, but it also includes vast knowledge and teachings on medical science, general sciences, and psychology.  The Buddhist psychological approach distinguishes itself from western psychology by focussing first on healing the mind.  This approach applies much less focus upon specific symptoms and  personal issues. Instead, the Buddhist approach teaches students the inner workings of how and why the mind functions as it does, how to identify and rid oneself of the patterns and processes that lead to an untamed mind, and how to see things as they truly are.

Those that are on a secular or spiritual path will benefit greatly by joining in many Buddhist meditations and classes, and are welcome to attend.

Some fundamental Buddhist concepts that taught at Joyful Path are the key points of the Buddhist teachings, instructions on taming the mind and awakening the heart, as well as the teachings on karma, the four noble truths, and the four boundless attitudes. Our courses also include training in ethics, meditation practices of all Buddhist traditions, as well as training in altruistic great compassion that is emphasized in the Mahayana tradition, and the highly energetic, transformative practices of the Vajrayana.

We are non-sectarian in that we teach the values of wisdom held in all of the Buddhist traditions. However, as a student moves from the beginning studies to deepening their practice, we recommend focusing in on one Buddhist tradition for an extended period of time. All of our programs are in alignment with basic Buddhist philosophy, and our entry program for Buddhist studies is called Practical Buddhist Wisdom.

Our Buddhist programs include:

  • Group Mediation (Mindfulness) in the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s tradition
  • Practical Buddhist Wisdom
  • Group Transformative Meditations
  • Yogic Healing
  • Grieving Mindfully
  • Buddhist Perspectives on End of Life Care
  • Spiritual Direction – addressing life’s concerns through inner methods
  • Pastoral Counseling – addressing life’s concerns through behavioral changes and interaction with environment
  • and guest speakers who offer Mahayana (Great Compassion) and Vajrayana (Swift Path) instruction, such as offering refuge, bodhicitta vows, lay vows, and empowerments.