Joyful Path was founded in 2008 by a small group of meditators ordained in the Buddhist tradition. The upstairs serves as housing for the ordained and volunteers, and the downstairs serves as a sacred healing space for all people. The meditation hall is home to the residents’ daily meditations and prayers, as well as a host of secular mind-body and interfaith classes, workshops and trainings throughout the year.

Two treatment rooms provide space for a variety of healing modalities, a large meditation and teaching hall offers adequate space for larger groups and the newly constructed guest room is available for personal retreats or overnight stays. We also offer a variety of unique hand-made and imported meditation-related items. Our doors are open to all who seek a meaningful spiritual path and wish to discover the many benefits of meditation and healing practices.

Blue Mounds

Joyful Path Healing Center is located in downtown Blue Mounds, less than a mile from scenic Blue Mound State Park, and close to nearly half a dozen other parks and hiking trails.

For centuries, the Mound has been a sacred gathering site for native people across the Midwest. They believed it possessed a special energy or presence that enhanced the power of their ceremonies. Many people have already discovered the beauty of the State Park for camping and hiking, but we also feel there is a sacredness to this land. We are honored to do our part in upholding that sacredness through meditation and prayer.

Retreat Room

For people who would like to do individual retreats in a spiritual environment, close to the trails and views of the Blue Mound State Park, there is a guest room available for a small daily fee. Contact us for more information about doing a personal retreat at Joyful Path.