Joyful Path offers a number of online courses in Buddhist teachings that can be accessed for a modest subscription fee.

Available Courses:

Principles of Yogic Healing 2

Yogic Healing arises from the Lama Healer tradition contained within Tibetan Buddhism. Participants are not required to adopt Buddhism as their expression of faith. However, since meditation practice is the foundation and support for the development of the Yogic Healer, all participants will be required to maintain a daily meditation practice that comes from the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. The Medicine Buddha empowerment will be given during the training. However, each individual will be given a daily meditation practice which best suits his or her needs.

Yogic Healing has a faith-based component, which is strongly tied to the Buddhist philosophy. Therefore, upon acceptance into the program, each participant will be required to read a Buddhist text (recommended by the instructors) and confirm that the basic concepts are compatible with his or her belief system.

The Foundations course will not prepare you for professional practice as a Yogic Healer. Upon successful completion of the Foundations course, you will have developed the foundations needed to enter into the full training and may then receive permission to join the Level 1 class.

Advanced training in Yogic Healing is done within a master-apprentice model. During the Foundations Course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the level of training necessary to become a Yogic Healer. You will have an opportunity to develop a closer relationship with Domo Geshe Rinpoche, the Lead Instructor, in preparation for future training and determine if the apprenticeship model is right for you.

Indestructible Truth

This course teaches the basic worldview and philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism following the text of Reginald Ray’s book Indestructible Truth. It does not presume that students have any particular faith committment, and is for the curious.