Join us on a journey to optimal health.  Healing is usually thought of as something we do in response to an illness. And those who experience illness often speak of a “return to health,” referring to a state of health they knew before they were ill. The prior state may have appeared healthier, but, in actuality, it contained the causes of the current illness. As a result, we present healing to you as a journey forward to a state of optimal health.

Our view as conventional and complementary healthcare practitioners gives us a unique, highly qualified perspective on healing. Our core offerings stem from our training in the Buddhist tradition and include Yoga Postures, Breath Work, Energy Healing, Mantra, Meditation and Thai Massage (developed by the Buddha’s doctor for monks and nuns). We have also invited practitioners to use our space and work collaboratively alongside our founders. They offer options such as various forms of Body Work and NeuroEmotional release technique.

There are many options available – if you are not sure where to start, please contact Joyful Path for a one-on-one session to help you create your own healing journey.